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Gabon registers Sputnik vaccine to confront Corona

The Russian Direct Investment Fund announced that the Ministry of Health in Gabon has registered the new Russian Coronavirus (Sputnik v) vaccine in the context of emergency use.

The head of the fund, Kirill Dmitriev, said - in a statement carried by the Russian (Sputnik) news agency - that "the Russian Direct Investment Fund announces the registration of a vaccine against the Coronavirus (Sputnik v) by the Ministry of Health in the Republic of Gabon in the context of emergency use .. Gabon is the 29th country. In the world and the fourth country on the African continent to approve the Russian vaccine.

He added, "(Sputnik v) is considered one of the three best vaccines against the emerging corona virus in the world in terms of the number of approvals it obtained from state regulators (ministries of health) ... and the demand for the vaccine is increasing all over the world, and the number of African countries that want is increasing. Buying the Russian vaccine. "

Dmitriev confirmed that (Sputnik v) is one of the best vaccines in the world, and that it will become an important part of the national vaccine portfolio in Gabon due to its efficiency of more than 90%.

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