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Dragan Jovic, the foreign coach No. 18, who leads the Dervishes against Zamalek

Fans of the round witch are waiting for the chimes of half past seven this evening, Wednesday, to follow the important meeting that brings together Zamalek with Ismaili at the Cairo International Stadium in the postponed meeting of the thirteenth round of the Premier League competition, which is the match that the White Knight enters with low spirits after a negative tie with Mouloudia Algeria at the beginning of the trip Zamalek in the group stage of the African Champions League, while Dervish won a victory over Lavina FC with two goals against a goal in the 32nd round of the Egypt Cup to qualify for the round of sixteen of the tournament.

Zamalek tops the top of the league table with 26 points after playing 11 games and still has a postponed meeting with his rivals Al-Ahly, in contrast, the Dervishes occupies seventeenth place with 8 points after playing 11 games.

  The Bosnian Dragan Jovic is the 18th foreign coach who leads Ismaily against Zamalek, and he endured this match number 42 in the history of foreigners during the General League and Egypt Cup competitions.

According to the Ismaili official website, we review the results of the foreign trainers who undertook Ismaili training in the Zamalek confrontations.

"Hungarian Kovac"

 He played 4 matches, won 1, lost 3, 6 goals, 9 goals, Clean Sheet, one game

The Englishman Thompson

He played 10 games, won 4, equaled 3, lost 3, 10 goals, 10 goals, Clean Sheet, 4 matches

 Argentine Angel Marcos'

He played 3 matches, equivalent to 2, losing 1 goal against him by two Clean Sheet goals

The Dutchman Theophdor Langen

Playing a match tied 1 has a goal on top

The Dutch Westerhof

Playing a match lost, 1 scored a zero on him

"The German Frank Angel"

Playing a match tied 1 has a goal on top


“Yugoslav Maximovic”

He played a match, lost 1, his 1, on him, 3 goals

The German Theo Boker

He played 5 matches, equaling 1, losing 4, having 4 goals, and 8 goals

Turkish Mohsen Ortjal

Playing a match lost, 1 scored a zero on him

Russian Victor Bonds

Playing a Lost 1 match has two goals

“The Dutchman Marc Fota”

He played two games, lost 2, had two goals, four goals

"French Patrice Nouveau"

Playing a match tied 1 has two goals and two goals

"The Brazilian Heron Ricardo"

 He played 5 matches, won 3, equaled 1, lost 1, 6 goals, 4 goals, Clean Sheet, 3 matches

“French Sebastian Desper”

He played a 1 win match for him with a Clean Sheet zero goal

“Portuguese Pedro Barney”

He played two games, won 1, lost 1, had 4 goals, and 5 goals

"Belgian Sidomir Yanivski"

He played a match, 1 lost by two goals

"French Didier Gomez"

Playing a Lost 1 match has two goals

The Zamalek and Ismaili match, or the Egyptian football Clasico, is always famous for excitement and strength, and it is expected that the excitement will increase this season, due to the importance of the match, Zamalek is going through a good stage this season, during which it achieved many positive results that made it sits on the throne of the Egyptian League, on the other side, The Dervish camp is going through an opposite period that the White Knight is going through, as the Ismaili is in an unenviable position this season and is working to escape from the relegation areas, after failing to win this season except in one match.

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