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Boughattas closest to compensate for the departure of Osama Jalal from Enppi

Helmy Tolan, technical director of the football first team at Enppi, has identified substitutes for Osama Jalal, the defender of the oil team and the Olympic team, who left for the Pyramids Club several hours before the winter transfer window was closed.

Enppi has a group of distinguished players in the back line, who are able to compensate for the departure of Osama Jalal, such as Rami Sabri, Ziad Boughatas, Ibrahim Yahya and Hisham Adel, and Tunisian Bou Ghattas is the closest to replacing Jalal in the basic formation.

On the other hand, Abdel Nasser Mohamed, director of football in the first football team at Enppi, refused to disclose the details of the transfer of Osama Jalal, the defender of the oil team and the Olympic team, to Pyramids, explaining that the confidentiality of the contract prevents him from disclosing any details.

In exclusive statements to Al-Youm Al-Sabea, Abdel Nasser Mohamed said that all that is raised about the numbers paid in the deal is incorrect, pointing out that the oil team decided to sell the player based on the desire of Helmy Tolan, the coach.

Young defender Osama Jalal participated for the first time in the training of the Pyramids team on Monday morning, at the sub-stadium of the air defense, after completing his transfer yesterday to the ranks of the club, as part of preparing for the match against Enppi next Wednesday at Petrosport Stadium in the 11th round of the Premier League.

Pyramids ended the transfer deal for Osama Jalal, captain of the Olympic national team, who is preparing for the Tokyo Olympics next summer in Japan, to become a player in the ranks of Pyramids, starting from the winter transfers.

Osama Jalal participated in the first training of the team after being registered locally and Africa, amid a standing ovation from the team's players and the technical and administrative staff, and welcoming the young player.

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