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Bloomberg: Concern among doctors in private clinics in America not to give them Corona vaccines

A report by "Bloomberg" agency revealed the concern of private clinics and dentists in the United States of America that they do not have access to the Corona virus vaccine, which is given to frontline doctors in hospitals to protect them from infection, and according to the report, thousands of health care workers in the United States are still seeking to obtain Coronavirus vaccines, even as states and civil cities open up to people far from the front line of the epidemic and give them the opportunity to get the vaccine.

Since Pfizer Inc.'s vaccine shipments began, / BioNTech and Moderna Inc In mid-December, the priority was for doctors, nurses and other professionals who are likely to deal with the new coronavirus but those who do not belong to hospitals and major health systems including private clinics doctors, dentists and therapists say they are being ignored.

Pediatrician David Berger, who works in Tampa, Florida, said his patients include children and many children with autism who have difficulty wearing masks and yet he has not been able to set an appointment to give them the vaccine.

Meanwhile, directives from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have led to increased eligibility in states such as New Jersey, California, New York, and North Carolina.In some places, frontline health workers compete to get shots alongside smokers, prisoners, tax investigators, forest guards, and people. Those aged 65 and over regardless of any medical condition.

Pennsylvania Health Secretary Rachel Levin has ordered all vaccine providers in the state, including hospitals and pharmacies, to allocate 10% of their doses to unaffiliated health workers as of January 6.

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