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The Wall Street Journal: The US employment sector losses in 2020 are the worst in 80 years

The American (Wall Street Journal) newspaper revealed that the losses incurred by the American employment sector in the United States during the past year 2020 due to the outbreak of the emerging corona virus pandemic are the worst since 1939, when the outbreak of the Spanish flu epidemic caused heavy losses to the US economy.

In a comment posted on its website today, Saturday, the newspaper stated that the US economy lost about 9.37 million jobs during the past year, surpassing the rate of jobs lost during the global financial crisis in 2009, which amounted to 5.06 million jobs at the time.

She added that the sectors of hotels, restaurants and related industries are the most affected by the outbreak of the Corona epidemic, which resulted in the high unemployment rate among young people, minorities and less educated workers in American society, and these are the groups that the impact of the Corona crisis has already been more severe and harsh than other workforce. American.

The newspaper pointed out that the unemployment rate among black-skinned Americans and those of Latin origin greatly exceeded the unemployment rates among other groups during the outbreak of the virus, noting that the unemployment rate among Hispanic Americans rose to 9.3% during December 2020 compared to 8.4% The previous November.

She added that the unemployment rate among Americans of skin is the highest compared to any other ethnic group, after it tripled during the month of May to reach 16.7%, as most of the people of that class occupy jobs that are difficult to perform from home or through modern technology.

The newspaper pointed out that the rapid increase in the number of daily infections with the Coronavirus inside the country caused the loss of more than 370 thousand jobs in restaurants and cafes during the month of December only in conjunction with the re-imposition of some closure measures, and this also caused an increase in the rate of "separation or temporary layoff" among workers. America, to reach 3 million Americans last month, compared to 2.8 million during the previous November.

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