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The French Minister of Health announces a strategy aimed at testing one million children and teachers monthly to detect Corona

French Health Minister Olivier Ferrand announced today, Thursday, a protocol to test up to a million children and teachers a month to detect Covid-19 and deal with the spread of a new mutated strain of the Coronavirus that broke out in Britain.

"We have put in place a protocol that aims to screen up to a million children and teachers every month, which is a huge thing," Ferrand said, according to the French newspaper 20 Minutes, and the minister said during a trip to the Metz region that the virus "appears to be more contagious" also in children.

He pointed out that, at the present time, there is no intention to completely close schools, but it only depends on the schools in which cases appear.

The French Ministry of Health recorded 23,852 new cases of Coronavirus, up from 19725 Tuesday, but it is down from 25,379 cases recorded last Wednesday.

The Ministry of Health data also showed that 229 died from the virus in hospitals, down from 355 Tuesday.

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