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The director of the Russian Space Agency reveals plans for "Ross Cosmos" for 2021

"Ross Cosmos" Agency General Director Dmitry Rogozin, in a tweet on "Twitter", talked about the plans of this government company for the next year. Rogozin stated that, next year, "Ross Cosmos" will start implementing the program to study the moon and the distant space field. Preparations continue to re-equip the Russian space sector, with completely new, in principle, missile-space equipment. "


He added, "The Russian Angara missile will fly again." Rogozin stressed that exploring and studying the cosmic space is an important vital necessity "because the Earth is surrounded by the global space ocean."

Rogozin also announced, yesterday, Thursday, that Russia will send, for the first time, a spacecraft with astronauts on board to orbit the moon, in the year 2028, Rogozin said - in statements reported by the Russian news agency (Sputnik) - "In 2028, we must send A crew to orbit the moon, and in 2030, we will land our crew on the moon. "


Earlier, the Russian official mentioned that the astronauts' plans to orbit around the moon will be in 2029, and it was originally planned to use the "Yenisei" super-heavy carrier missile to send crews to the moon, but this December, it turned out that the "Angara-" missile. A5B would suffice for this.

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