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The business sector emphasizes preserving the rights of workers in the Delta for fertilizers

The Ministry of Public Business Sector affirmed its full commitment to observing the rights of workers and offering compensation alternatives or transferring some of them to the developed factory in the sister company of Delta Fertilizers, according to the needs of the administration.


The ministry announced, in a press release, today, Friday, the date and steps of developing the company, starting with the establishment of the Nasr Company for Fertilizers and Chemical Industries in 1946 in Suez, and continued work with it until the 1966 aggression, and in 1969 the ammonia nitrate production plant was transferred from Suez to Talkha, and it included (Ammonia Nitrate Production Division - Ammonia Production Division - Nitric Acid Production Division), and by 1975, a design was made for a urea production plant (1725 tons / day) including an ammonia production unit (1,200 tons / day) which started operating in 1980, -7-1998 The Delta Fertilizer Company was established in Batakha, divided by the Nasr Company for Fertilizers.


- Due to the technical obsolescence of the equipment, which is up to 50 years old in some units, the operation resulted in some emissions exceeding the environmentally permissible limits, which affected the residential communities adjacent to the factory and opposite it in Mansoura, which were not present when the factory was established, but over time it has lost Urbanization crept into the area surrounding the factory until it became adjacent to it.


- The company started a phased development plan, parts of which related to the ammonia unit and the urea unit were implemented until a fire occurred in the ammonia furnace in April 2020, which led to the plant being completely stopped, prompting the company’s management and the holding company to speed up the development process by offering a tender to 4 international companies to qualify The ammonia unit and all plant units to be in compliance with environmental requirements and civil protection, and to operate economically in conformity with international standards in terms of productivity and energy consumption, and this takes 36 months to implement.


This coincided with the start of the implementation of a comprehensive plan for the state to provide alternative housing for informal settlements, such as the successful models represented by the Good news project and the Asmarat project, due to their very positive social and economic impacts. Therefore, the implementation of the comprehensive development of the factory was seen on the land of the Nasr Fertilizer Company in Suez. Due to the state's need for lands, and the victory company is located in an area close to the export ports.


- This will result in making available 215 acres of factory land in addition to 19 acres of vacant land for the establishment of housing projects, a large part of which will be an alternative social housing for slums. This will also allow to avoid potential damages resulting from harmful emissions to the health of citizens who are now living in high density housing. Adjacent to the plant.


- The General Assembly of the Delta Fertilizer Company approved by majority on 12/31-2020 the transfer of the units of the Delta Fertilizer Company to the site of the Nasr Fertilizer Company in Suez. And I authorized the president of the association to form a technical committee to study and determine what could be transferred from operating units belonging to the Delta Fertilizer Company in Talkha to the site of the Nasr Fertilizer Company in Suez, as well as studying what the company needs in terms of construction and new units in its location in Suez, provided that the committee finishes its work for presentation to the Council Management of the holding company to take the appropriate decision.


The association also authorized the holding company to assign a specialized consulting office or an investment bank to prepare a bank feasibility study for the project, explaining the sources of financing. And it decided to conduct a study of the numbers of workers required to be transferred to Suez in the numbers and specializations required, and to study ways to compensate workers who would not be selected, with the transfer being considered optional.

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