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Sohag Investors: The Upper Egypt Development Authority is an opportunity to set investment priorities in the south

Mahmoud Al-Shandawili, President of the Sohag Investors Association, confirmed that Upper Egypt governorates have a wide range of available investment opportunities, but they need to develop a clear priority plan in order to take advantage of these opportunities in the near future.


Mahmoud Al-Shandawili said, in a statement to Al-Youm Al-Sabea, that the establishment of the Upper Egypt Development Authority is a step that could achieve a quantum leap in terms of setting priorities for various investment and industrial projects, in addition to overcoming all problems that hinder investment in the governorates of Upper Egypt, and contributing to financing. Necessary for projects in Upper Egypt governorates.


Al-Shandawili added that enhancing industrial investment would limit internal migration among young people residing in Upper Egypt governorates to the Lower Egypt governorates in search of job opportunities, and industrial investment helps localize different industries that benefit from the comparative advantages that the government provides to investors.


The Upper Egypt Development Authority aims to develop a plan to accelerate the comprehensive economic, social and urban development of the regions of the southern Upper Egypt region within the framework of the general plan for the social and economic development of the state, in addition to implementing national projects that achieve a developmental return and a high rate of employment and make them among the priority projects for implementation, in light of the government's endeavor. To implement the comprehensive economic development program for the regions most in need, through the re-distribution of investments across the republic and achieving parity in the distribution of economic resources to raise the standard of living of citizens in those governorates.

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