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Saad Hariri: What happened in Tripoli is an organized crime of burning institutions and occupying the streets with chaos

The Lebanese Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri, expressed his deep dissatisfaction with what happened in the city of Tripoli recently, saying: “What happened in the city of Tripoli this night is a described and organized crime for which everyone who colluded in striking the stability of the city, burning its institutions and its municipality and occupying its streets in chaos. The burning of Tripoli are criminals who do not belong to the city and its people, and they have challenged its security and dignity in the name of a livelihood.

Saad Hariri added, through his official account on Twitter: "It is unacceptable, under any living or political slogan, that Tripoli has been stabbed by any party or group, regardless of its color or affiliation ... We stand by our people in Tripoli and the north, and we ask them: Why did the Lebanese army stand by and watch To burn companies, the municipality and facilities, and who will protect Tripoli if the army fails to protect it?

He continued, "There is a responsibility that should be borne by those who are responsible, and the argument will not fall on throwing accusations against the people of Tripoli and returning to the tone of Kandahar. If there is a plan to infiltrate extremism into the city, who opens the doors for him? How can the state allow this in a stage of the worst and most dangerous?" The stages in the history of Lebanon, "concluded his speech by saying:" Tripoli will not fall into the hands of the abusers, and it has a people to protect it, God willing ... and the words have a connection to putting points on the letters. "

Earlier, Lebanese protesters set fire to one of the gates leading to the Tripoli Brigades. While the Lebanese army deployed in the vicinity of the Saraya, and the Lebanese army had carried out a wide deployment operation inside the city of Tripoli (northern Lebanon), using large numbers of forces, heavy military vehicles and armored vehicles in order to work to control the raging situation and stop the ongoing clashes between the demonstrators and security forces. From the Lebanese Armed Forces to al-Nour Square (Abd al-Hamid Karami Square), which is the center of the demonstrations in the city of Tripoli, and they closed the entrances, exits and main streets using military vehicles, which led to the cessation of confrontations between the security forces and the demonstrators.

The army imposed its control over Al-Nour Square and the main streets in the city, amid a remarkable acceptance by the demonstrators, and without any clashes between its forces and the demonstrators present, and the streets of the city, called the capital of the North of Lebanon, were filled with stones, fire effects, clashes, shattered glass, wood, and burnt rubber tires as a result of the confrontations that lasted for hours.

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