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Jamal Al-Ghandour: The Football Association deals with arbitration with racism

Jamal Al-Ghandour criticized the previous international referee of the decision of the tripartite committee that manages the ball to prevent the employment of referees who have first-degree relatives working in the field of arbitration, describing the decision as racist.

Al-Ghandour said in televised statements, in the early hours of this morning, Wednesday: "The decision of the Football Association is racist and discriminatory and violates FIFA regulations and laws, because it is based on a distinction between referees who have relatives working in the same field and referees who do not have relatives."

And the previous international referee continued: "I am mentally affected by the decision, and I ask the Football Association, why when a judge makes a mistake, all the referees are held accountable, is this the justice you are looking for."

Al-Ghandour commented on the Al-Ahly goalkeeper Al-Shenawi's suspension, saying: "As long as the referee did not warn the player or take any decision against him during the match, what is the logic of stopping him if the referee himself passed the incident."

The former international referee recommended restraint to referees, explaining that referees' reactions to violations on the field differ from one referee to another.

Al-Ghandour has participated in managing most of the major international tournaments, especially the 1998 World Cup in France and 2002 in Korea and Japan, and the European Nations Cup in 2000.

Al-Ghandour managed matches in the Asian Cup of Nations, the Confederations Cup, World Cup qualifiers in Asia, Africa, CONCACAF, and European Nations Cup qualifiers, in addition to the Olympics and even women's international football matches, and the Arab championships, and he had his share in managing major matches in the finals of the African championships for clubs and teams, including the final of the African Cup of Nations. 2002 in Mali, as well as a number of major matches in the World Cup.

And because he is the most famous referee in the history of Egyptian football, and has won a major global position, Spanish television resorted to him to talk about the scenes of the crisis match between the Spanish national team and its South Korean counterpart in the 2002 World Cup quarter-finals within one of the major documentaries.

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