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Global Health: 14 mutations of the new Corona strain, and we are studying the effectiveness of vaccines against it

Melita Vujnovic, the representative of the World Health Organization in Russia, announced that the ineffectiveness of vaccines against the Corona virus strain in the United Kingdom has not yet been confirmed, confirming that the organization is seeking to study the effectiveness of vaccines approved from the mutated British strain, according to a report received by the Russian agency TASS .

The representative of World Health stated that Britain confirmed that the new strain is more contagious than the old version of the virus, but official reports have not yet proven the extent of the risk of the mutated strain from the other copies, indicating that there are 14 mutations, some of which may affect the degree of infection of the virus, which is related to its ability to Transmission from sick to healthy person, or from the severity of the disease.

And Matt Hancock, the British Minister of Health, confirmed that British scientists have identified a new strain of Corona virus that may be responsible for the high infection rates in southeast England, explaining that this newly discovered viral strain was spreading faster than any known strain.

Also, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson announced, in previous statements, that the new strain may be 70% contagious, compared to the old strain of the coronavirus.

The new British strain had spread in 41 countries and regions around the world, most notably the United States of America and the most recent one, the Philippines, after it recorded new infections, in addition to the discovery of a new mutation of the virus also in South Africa.

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