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German reports: The Pharaohs were the first to break European hegemony in handball

European teams monopolized the Handball Cup titles the first four places since the tournament was established in 1938, but in 2001 the descendants of the Pharaohs broke this monopoly and two Arab countries followed them. The German network "Deutsche Welle" published a report entitled "The descendants of the Pharaohs were the first to break the European dominance of handball," wondering: Are we witnessing more Arab achievements?

The well-known German newspaper added in its report that, over the course of twenty-six previous editions of the World Handball Championships, European teams tightened their grip on the championship titles, and even monopolized the first four places in many of these versions, and only three of the Europeans' monopoly on the first places in the tournament was broken. Arab teams are Egypt, Tunisia and Qatar. "

The newspaper continued, "The Egyptian team (descendants of the Pharaohs) was the first to break the European domination of the golden square of the tournament during the 2001 edition in France, where it ranked fourth in the tournament, explaining that with this achievement, the Egyptian team became the first team from outside the European continent to reach the golden square in the World Cup. The hand that was monopolized by European teams throughout the history of the tournament since the beginning of its establishment in 1938 until now.

The newspaper added, and the matter was not limited to the Egyptian achievement, but the success extended to the Tunisian team, "The Eagles of Carthage", who took advantage of the 2005 edition hosted by his country and became only the second team from outside Europe to reach the golden square of the World Cup.

And the report continued, ten years later, the Qatari team achieved another Arab achievement in the history of the World Cup in handball, as it became the third team to break European domination of the gold square for the tournament and reached the final match before losing to France to win second place in the tournament.

The newspaper continued, and now the whole world and the African continent in particular are looking forward to another important station in the world of handball through the twenty-seventh edition of the world championships, which Egypt will host from January 13 to 31, and other teams from outside the European continent may be able to compete to reach the golden square In the World Cup 2021. Especially since a number of non-European teams have shown an improvement in their level recently.


In Egypt, there will not be the large number of fans that the World Championships in Germany and Denmark witnessed in 2019, and despite Corona, the International Handball Federation expects that the attendance rate will reach 30 percent, and Egypt will host the tournament from January 13 to the 31 of the same month.

The German National Football Association has given free participation or not, and some have already apologized.

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