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Did Mohamed El Shennawy receive an offer from Real Betis? Zaki Abdel Fattah responds for the seventh day

Zaki Abdel Fattah, the American goalkeeper coach of Los Angeles goalkeepers, revealed the confusion caused by the Spanish website "estadio deportivo", his television statements about international goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shennawi, confirming that he did not talk about the Al-Ahly goalkeeper receiving an offer from Spanish club Real Betis in 2012 as the report quoted.

Zaki Abdel Fattah said in exclusive statements to "The Seventh Day" from the United States: "Ahmed El-Shennawy, the goalkeeper of Pyramids, was the one who received a serious offer from Real Betis when he was a goalkeeper in Al-Masry and spent a period of coexistence there at the club, and the contract was approved, but the financial reward that was An offer was 950,000 euros and Kamel Abu Ali, president of the Port Said club, was not impressed at the time. "

Zaki Abdel-Fattah added: "Ahmed El-Shennawi is a talented goalkeeper, and I said before, if he had not paid attention to the money at the expense of his professional career, Salah Thani would have become in the European leagues from the Egyptian professionals because he has great artistic potential."

Zaki Abdel Fattah explained: "I had previously asked Kamel Abu Ali to give the player the opportunity to become professional abroad, especially since the proceeds from reselling him to clubs after that would have given the Egyptian a lot of millions, as happened with the Arab Contractors, from the proceeds of the sale of Mohamed Salah and Nini to many clubs during their career in the European leagues." .

Zaki Abdel-Fattah stressed: "The entire conversation on On Time Sports was about goalkeeper Ahmed El-Shennawi, but I did not talk about Al-Ahly goalkeeper or the opportunity to become a professional in Europe in this way, especially as he would not succeed in the European leagues during the current period if he had the opportunity due to age and other things." .

Zaki Abdel-Fattah continued: "Mohamed El-Shennawi's lack of professionalism does not reduce his potential, as he is Egypt's first goalkeeper and Al-Ahly club, and he has all the appreciation and respect."

And the former coach of the Egyptian national team added: "I was the only one who rejected the idea of ​​Ahmed El Shennawy moving to Zamalek Club because I believed in his talent at the time, and I thought that at this time if he went out to the European leagues, he would have succeeded in contrast to what Mohamed Salah and Al-Nani did when Sherif Habib heard the head of the Arab Contractors at the time for farsightedness The professionalism of its players and now the club makes a lot of money selling them. "

The site "estadio deportivo" quoted statements about Zaki Abdel Fattah in a wrong way, which caused the circulation of many reports stating that Real Betis was interested in Al-Ahly goalkeeper Mohamed El-Shenawy and that he could play in the Spanish League, especially with the injury of the two main guards who were present during that period of 2012 .

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