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Beware of these mistakes during exercise so that you do not suffer from knee pain

Exercising is one of the most important healthy habits that must be included in your daily routine, due to the innumerable health benefits, after your commitment to practicing some important exercise, you must be careful when practicing it and avoid some mistakes that may result in serious complications, according to a report published on the livestrong site .


Avoid squats


Poor knee alignment is among the most common exercise errors that can damage the knees.When you do exercises like squats, your knee must follow the top of your shoes, as the knees fall inward may result in knee pain, due to the increase in strength on the joint when lifting heavy loads .

The report also emphasized the importance of keeping your knees parallel with your second and third toes when performing any exercise that involves bending the joint, so you must perform your exercises in front of a mirror to ensure that you remain in a suitable position.


Beware of heavy lifting


Lifting a lot of weight before you are ready is bad not only for your knees but also for the rest of your body.Adding excessive resistance to exercise can injure your muscles, joints, and connective tissues, so people should follow a structured program that gradually increases the weight used in various exercises based on Weekly and monthly.

Avoid doing one-sided exercises

Muscle imbalances and asymmetry are a common consequence of daily life, whether you carry your bag on the same arm every day or play tennis several days a week, so you should only do double leg exercises (such as squats) instead of one-sided movements, which can lead to pain. Knee and pain in the tendons and buttocks.

Choose shoes that fit your feet


Choosing a suitable shoe plays a role in exercise safety. Although ill-fitting shoes do not usually cause pain directly, they may increase the likelihood of knee pain or injury.

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