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Austria extends the no-fly zone with Britain and South Africa to January 24

The Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs announced the extension of the flight ban with Britain and South Africa until January 24, and a statement by the Foreign Ministry said today (Saturday) that in order to prevent the spread of the new dangerous strain of "Corona" virus in Austria, the ban on landing passenger planes from South Africa and the Kingdom will be extended. United until midnight January 24.

It is noteworthy that Austria has so far detected 5 cases of the new strain of "Corona" virus, and the Ministry of Health is intensifying its efforts to limit the spread of the new strain.

It is noteworthy that the Austrian government is considering extending the general closure until next February due to the continuing high rate of new infections to more than 2000 cases per day, and the average number of injuries reached 161 cases per 100,000 people.

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