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Apple settles on two designs for its foldable phone

A report issued by AppleInsider, a technical website, revealed that Apple is working to develop a foldable iPhone, as the company summarized the final design in two different versions, and it was reported that Foxconn, the manufacturer of the contract for Apple, developed the two different designs through a quality control test. The complex.

It should be noted that the ready-made phones have not been tested, instead, the foldable phone cases and screens were tested at Foxconn's Shenzhen facility to measure the durability of the two different designs; Both managed to pass.

According to the report, one of the designs that Apple is considering for a foldable iPhone is the shell pattern similar to the Motorola Razr and Samsung Galaxy Z Flip, and when closed, these models feature a small external screen or bar and open to a large screen phone, while the second foldable design that Testing for Apple is a book-like design that opens and closes like the Galaxy Fold.

Through this design, the iPhone user will open the device and turn it into an iPad tablet device upon requesting a larger screen, and the report indicates that Apple will identify the pros and cons of both designs and choose one of them to produce it.

And if a foldable iPhone is released in 2022 as is rumored, it could debut in time to be powered by the first chipset manufactured using a 3nm process node, while Apple reportedly placed orders with the world's largest contract forge, TSMC, to produce 3 nanometers in 2022.

Apple will use the manufacturing process for both the A Series chips used in the iPhone and the new M chips used to replace Intel in some Macs, and there is some belief that in the near future, Apple will also use M Series chips on the iPad, or maybe just use the iPad Pro.

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