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A professor of chest diseases confirms: A smoker is more likely to have Corona

Dr. Maysa Sharaf Al-Din, professor of chest diseases in Qasr Al-Aini, said that there are signs that show that the person has recovered from infection with the Corona virus, explaining that the swab comes as the first thing, and after that the symptoms disappear.

She added, during a telephone interview with the "DMC Evening" program, presented by the media, Ramy Radwan, that the person should be careful and contact a doctor if 5 days have passed since the injury.


She indicated that there is an incorrect thing that a person does in the case of a corona infection, which is the work of a CT scan, stressing that the x-rays must be done 4 days after the onset of symptoms.


And it called on citizens not to rush to do x-rays, and to communicate with a specialist doctor.


And she continued that the symptoms of Corona differ from one person to another, and this is due to the age factor, the health condition, and whether the person is a smoker or a non-smoker.

She responded to the question "Is the smoker less likely to be infected with Corona", and said that the smoker is more likely and not less likely, and that smoking reduces the citizen's immunity, and there are respiratory problems.


Dr. Maysa Sharaf Al-Din, Professor of Chest Diseases at Qasr Al-Aini College of Medicine, said that the decrease in the numbers of Corona patients and their confirmation means reaching the straight line, and the second wave began to partially recede, which is a good sign, explaining that the decrease in numbers does not come only from the health authorities, but there must be awareness Citizens.


She explained, in television statements, that what is meant is to record the data on the Ministry of Health website to book the Corona vaccine, to know the priorities, pointing out that choosing the priorities for those who deserve it.


She stated that the pharmaceutical companies operate an account to cover a large part of the world from the vaccine, pointing out that there are more than one type of vaccine, and there are three vaccines that have proven effective are being dealt with.

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