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A Google affiliate criticizes the rules for identifying drones ... Learn the details

The FAPT's Wing, Drone Delivery Unit, has criticized US President Donald Trump's administration rules issued this week that provide for the identification of drones via broadcast, saying they should be reviewed to allow online tracking.


On Monday, the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) issued rules that will allow small drones to fly in the United States and enforce remote identification technology for nearly all drones.


The rules cancel the requirements for drones, officially known as unmanned aerial vehicles, to be connected to the Internet to transmit location data but require them to broadcast remote ID messages over a radio frequency broadcast.


"This approach creates barriers to compliance and will have unintended negative impacts on privacy for businesses and consumers," he said in a blog post, adding, "An observer who tracks a drone can infer sensitive information about specific users, including where they visit and spend their time." The nature of their livelihood, who and when they receive parcels, for example. "


"American communities will not accept this kind of surveillance of their deliveries or their taxi rides on the road. They shouldn't accept it in the sky," Wing added.


The Federal Aviation Administration called for expanding the ways in which operators can comply with identity requirements, and the Federal Aviation Administration said it has received and addressed "more than 50,000 public comments on the proposed remote identification base, which will promote the safe integration of drones into the national airspace system." "

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