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The most important thing provided by the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities during the year 2020

During the year 2020, the Ministry of Tourism and Antiquities worked to develop the financial resources of the antiquities sector, by providing a range of services and opening a number of foreign exhibitions.


In the period between February and April, the efficiency of visitor services in the Saqqara antiquities area was developed and upgraded, and 100 indicative panels were implemented, in addition to a number of umbrellas for visitors in the Saqqara antiquities area, and the implementation of the path for people with special needs in the region was completed in cooperation with a private sector company.


In addition, a protocol was signed between the Supreme Council of Antiquities and the Egyptian Sovereign Fund to develop, provide and operate visitor services in the archaeological "Bab Al-Azab" area in Salah El-Din Al-Ayoubi Citadel, and a contract was signed to provide a service for providing self-cleaning bathrooms in archaeological sites and museums and to operate electric car services at archaeological sites.


A number of temporary external exhibitions of antiquities were opened, which are an important source of financial resources for the ministry in addition to its promotional role, which is the opening of an exhibition of archaeological reproductions in Italy, and the number of visitors at the Tutankhamun antiquities exhibition in the English capital London reached more than 580,000 before it was closed due to the spread of a virus. The new Corona (opened in November 2019, and the artifacts returned to Egypt on August 27, 2020.


The exhibition "Sunken Cities: The Enchanting World of Egypt" was inaugurated at the Virginia Museum of Art in its fourth stop in the United States of America, and the exhibition "Sun Kings" was inaugurated at the National Museum in the Czech capital, Prague.


Finally, the Prime Minister’s decision was issued to approve the holding of an archaeological exhibition in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, for the first time, entitled “Bisector of the Mosque”, at the Enrichment Museum in Dhahran. The duration of the exhibition will be 24 months.

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