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Study: 19 variants of the Kurna virus in India evolved to evade antibodies.

Few studies have proven that patients who have recovered from Coronavirus disease carry antibodies that prevent the return of infection, and it is believed that they give patients a certain level of immunity against the virus for a longer period, and the antibodies in recovering patients ensure their body's ability to fight the virus in the future, but the debate over the duration The survival of these antibodies continues among experts, so while some studies indicate that it may last from two to six months, others say that it may not last more than a month.

However, a new study, according to the "thehealthsite" report, indicated that at least 19 types of genetic variants of the virus in India have evolved to evade these antibodies and may cause re-infection, and it has been reported that one of these variants may actually cause In infection again in India.

New corona mutations may escape antibodies


A new report indicates that a new mutation of the virus that causes Coronavirus may escape antibodies and re-infection may be possible. A team from the CSIR Institute for Genomics and Integrative Biology, New Delhi, India, along with other researchers identified 120 "immune escape variants" in the Coronavirus, from the whole world.

Of the 19 v

ariants found in the genome from India, one variant called S: N440K was found to be present in 2.1% of the gene sequences there.

The new strain of Corona virus was discovered in Britain earlier this month, which prompted countries to suspend flights to and from the United Kingdom, and scientists called the new strain "VUI-202012/01", which seems to dominate the current versions. From the Coronavirus, this variant includes a genetic mutation in the thorn protein that the Corona virus uses to infect people.

What are antibodies?


To be able to fight disease effectively, it is imperative that you know how your body fights against the foreign invaders that are interfering with your health.

Antibodies are Y-shaped proteins produced by your immune system to kill harmful pathogens such as bacteria, fungi, viruses, and even chemicals. Also known as immunoglobin, it is a protective protein to fight foreign substances (antigens). The purpose of these antibodies is to recognize the antigens and stick to them to remove them Of your body and preventing it from attacking your system.

How do antibodies help against corona virus?


When you become infected, your body produces antibodies so that you do not catch the same infection again, as it enables your immune system to recognize the threat and neutralize the effects. Just like any other infection, the antibodies fight the Corona virus, by circulating in your blood and looking for antigens that recognize On them, and when the antibodies detect an antigen that is trying to invade and destroy your system, they stop the antigen and get rid of it immediately.

Antibodies in recovered patients ensure that their bodies will be able to fight the virus in the future, but controversy over how long these antibodies will last is still ongoing among experts.

While some studies suggest that it may last from two to six months, others say that it may last no longer than a month.

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