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Kuwait: 7 years in prison and millions of fines for a businesswoman and an expatriate on charges of money laundering

The Kuwaiti Criminal Court has sentenced a businesswoman and an expatriate to 7 years in prison and fined them millions of fines, in one of the major money laundering cases related to the real estate monument cases in Kuwait. According to the newspaper "Al-Qabas", the Criminal Court has sentenced a businesswoman (outside the country) and another « »He is still (hidden from view) for a period of 7 years with work and force, with a fine of 29 million dinars, 361 thousand dollars, 642 thousand euros, and 168 thousand pounds sterling, and their obligation to jointly compensate 28 of the victims who are charged with an amount of 5001 dinars per person who are they.

The court affirmed in its merits, of which Al-Qabas obtained a copy, that the defendants practiced propaganda activities through real estate investment fairs, marketing housing and investment units in several foreign and Arab countries, and appearing in those exhibitions as the owner by two companies, which they manage with their knowledge and pay the victims through Those exhibitions to contract with them to buy those units, hoping to obtain title deeds for those real estate units and invest in them.

However, the defendants, according to what was stated in the court's merits, took pictures of incorrect matters and dressed them in the garment of truthfulness to deceive the victim, and then it assumes falsehood and actually bases it on it.

It was confirmed in the court’s certainty that the first and second defendants had committed the money laundering crime assigned to them, since it is proven from the papers that the defendants sought with the various local banks and opened bank accounts with them with their qualities in the two companies, and it was found that the financial flows to the account of the two companies were made by each of the accused They were represented in internal and external financial transfers, and the circulation of those funds between their accounts and the accounts of the two companies in an unnatural way, due to their large number and the closeness of their terms, which indicates that the account is a container for the transfer of funds, and the court confirmed that the defendants sought to hide the sources of these illegal funds through these financial transfers, checks and sums drawn in cash. With the intent of that, the endorsement of those funds from proceeds of the crime of appropriating the victims' funds that the court had previously indicted for them.

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