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Average prices of Christmas gifts in the Egyptian market before New Year

The last days of the year 2020 witnessed a moderate demand for Christmas gifts during the season, as the Office Equipment and Gifts Division of the Federation of Chambers of Commerce confirmed that the turnout this year began very weak due to the Corona crisis and the government's decision to stop celebrations as part of the precautionary measures, which affected the local market.

Barakat Safa, deputy head of the stationery and gifts division at the General Federation of Chambers of Commerce, revealed the average prices of gifts during the current season, pointing out that the Christmas tree is 60 cm, which is the lowest price, starting from 50 pounds to reach the most expensive models, to 1500 pounds, adding that the lights used to decorate trees and walls It starts from 20 pounds and reaches 120 pounds, as for Santa Claus, it starts from 3 pounds, which is attached to the Christmas tree, passing by the fur Papa Noel, which starts from 50 pounds to 150 pounds, and ends with the moving Papa Noel, which starts from 150 pounds to 2000 pounds.

In exclusive statements for the seventh day, Safa confirmed that the prices of Christmas gifts for this year have stabilized, noting that the prices are similar to last year, and this despite the Corona crisis and also the high prices of the Chinese currency, which is the main source for importing Christmas gifts, adding that the total imports of Christmas gifts this year witnessed a decrease. It reached 50% over the previous year.

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