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Learn about the details of holding the first car race on the moon next year

Two remote-controlled race cars will land on the moon next year to participate in the first ever race across the moon's surface, and will be driven by high school students, as a company named Moon Mark, dedicated to entertainment and education sponsors the race that will see teams compete from Students, and winning teams will then work with McLaren P1 designer Frank Stephenson to create a car that will race through the low-gravity lunar environment.

According to the British "Daily Mail" website, the two cars will be launched to the moon aboard the SpaceX Falcon 9 missile in October 2021 to land on the surface inside the first specially developed lunar landing craft.

After eight weeks of qualification by high school students from around the world, six five-member teams will compete to become the last two teams to race on the moon, and these challenges include electronic games, a drone race, and a space entrepreneurship competition until the final two teams are confirmed.

Their adventures will be captured, produced and distributed globally by Moon Mark so that people can follow their progress in the lead up to the launch in October next year.

The contestants will be launched to the surface of the moon via the Nova-C lander by Houston-based Intuitive Machines, after the SpaceX Falcon 9 launch in late 2021.

The cars are a heavy payload going to the surface of the moon - each car will weigh 5.5 pounds and the vehicle that will transport it to the surface will weigh another 6.6 pounds - for a total of 17.6 pounds.

While the launch cost has not been revealed, but other companies pay 544,000 dollars per pound to send things to the moon, meaning that the total cost may be close to 10 million dollars.

"Moon Mark's mission to engage youth in space and work to harness space for the betterment of humanity is something that resonates with us," said Justin Cyrus, Co-founder and CEO of Lunar Outpost.

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